At Europeanbiz Healthcare, we understand the ultimate goals of our clients when it comes to filling a certain vacancy. Organisations look for candidates that bring the necessary set of skills and capabilities to the team, as well as the passion to contribute in the overall growth and improvement.

We don’t just help you fill up positions based on the type of skills you seek but also on the basis of the kind of people you want to work with in your organisation. That is why we offer comprehensive recruitment solutions that are highly customized as per your requirements.With our custom approach and comprehensive solutions, we cater to all kinds of healthcare institutions including private hospitals, clinics, and the NHS medical sector.Our major point of distinction is our focus on the specific needs of each client. That is why our solutions are not limited to one or few categories. We align our clients with resources that are willing to work on the terms most suitable for both the parties.


Whether you seek permanent nursing staff or temporary placement of experienced and high-level resource, we can connect you with the right professionals. Our candidates include nurses,  doctors with varying levels of experiences and expertise, GP’s and medical professionals looking for entry-level positions in the sector.It is our ability to understand your needs and proceed accordingly that has helped us maintain an excellent record and credible reputation in the medical recruitment industry.

Our focus is to make sure you are able to recruit the right resource within a reasonable time. That is why we constantly focus on expanding our pool of talent. However, it is not where our job ends. We provide you end-to-end recruitment solution where our responsibility is more than just providing you an access to that pool. We utilize the most sophisticated tools and technology to optimize the whole search process.

We take recruitment very seriously and our mission is to create value across the sector. That is why we offer free DBS service to all our candidates ensuring complete peace of mind. If you have a vacancy that needs to be fulfilled, post it on our job board or get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements.

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